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After seeing how disheartened founders were by their big agency experiences, our founder Amanda Do (she/her), decided to do things differently. Blending her in-house and big agency mindset, Amanda offers founders and their teams dedicated access to a global strategist and cross-platform storyteller that cares.


Living in New York, Amanda discovered her purpose to tell stories that deserve mainstream attention. From normalising our perception of menopause at midlife to disability inclusion in everything — these stories matter and this is why The Do PoV exists today.


At The Do PoV, we work with brands that tackle taboo topics and bring inclusive product experiences into the world. We are committed to your purpose and dedicate time to access and inclusion projects to support our local community. 


Why? Because we all deserve to live in a world that is inclusive and sustainable.

Amanda, a Vietnamese woman with her dark brown hair out, is seated wearing a yellow wrap dress.


Amanda Do is a global communications advisor and relationship builder with over 12 years of experience in bio technology, emerging health technology and founder profiling. She founded The Do PoV to help elevate brands bringing inclusive and sustainable product experiences into the world.


The influencer, media and social landscape continues to evolve and can be challenging to navigate for all companies, to do this in a meaningful way, requires a seasoned and nimble expert that cares. Amanda has succeeded in launching brands and building meaningful communities with her unique point of view to amplify a brand's voice, share topics that impact their community and the bottom line. 


As a trusted communications advisor, Amanda works with brands to manage all aspects of a project from high-level strategy to the finer details required for quality execution — always keeping your business goals in mind.


Let's create the change we envision and do this together! 

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