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Influencer Marketing | Campaign Strategy and

Management | Social Media Management


Introducing a non-invasive and natural way to relieve temperature regulation issues from hot flashes, cold rushes and night sweats.

300,000+ total engagement | 32% average engagement rate

Communication Strategy | Influencer Marketing | Public Relations | Brand Partnerships

Introducing premium weighted blankets as an easy and therapeutic way to soothe anxiety and stress. 

555% increase in web sessions | celebrity endorsements | high revenue impact

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Influencer Marketing | Campaign Strategy and


Introducing a new and non-invasive way for people who are Hard of Hearing and/or Deaf to experience a new sense of awareness in life.

1 million+ total engagement | 27% average engagement rate

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Public Relations | Brand Partnerships

Personal profiling to push awareness on adult ADHD and accessibility in sexual health.


Communication Strategy | Public Relations 

Bringing adaptive clothing and disability inclusive fashion into mainstream media conversations.

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