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Content Creator Phillip Holmes in a campaign image for Embr Labs

Influencer Marketing | Campaign Strategy and

Management | Social Media Management


Introducing a non-invasive and natural way to relieve temperature regulation issues from hot flashes, cold rushes and night sweats.

300,000+ total engagement | 32% average engagement rate

Communication Strategy | Influencer Marketing | Public Relations | Brand Partnerships

Introducing premium weighted blankets as an easy and therapeutic way to soothe anxiety and stress. 

555% increase in web sessions | celebrity endorsements | high revenue impact

An image of an article on Fashion Journal that was placed for Woosah Blankets. Article is called ' Road Test: I tried a weighted blanket to help my chronic anxiety'
A group photo of sleep expert, Olivia Arezzolo with the hosts on Studio10. The segment was on tips for better sleep and mentions Woosah Blankets for an ideal weighted blanket.
Logo of Studio10
Logo for 9 Honey Coach
Fashion Journal Logo.webp

Influencer Marketing | Campaign Strategy and


Introducing a new and non-invasive way for people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing to experience a new sense of awareness in life.

1 million+ total engagement | 27% average engagement rate

An article in The Daily Dot for TikToker Cate Osborn on imposter syndrome after hitting 1 million followers

Public Relations | Brand Partnerships

Personal profiling to push awareness on adult ADHD and accessibility in sexual health.

Logo of Cosmopolitan Magazine
Logo for Healthline

Communication Strategy | Public Relations 

Bringing adaptive clothing and disability inclusive fashion into mainstream media conversations.

Logo for Smart Company
Logo for Harper's Bazaar
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