To educate the world by telling inclusive stories that elevate the human condition.

We represent brands and founders that use science as the foundation to make health and wellness products accessible for everyone to experience.

We advocate for consciously made wellness tech and formulations that can truly impact our lives, for the better. 

Purpose drives what we do, every day. We know how to build curiosity for your brand and drive public conversations that matter. By choosing to work with us, you will experience dedicated support and advice from our founder who remains your account lead, no matter the project.

We are committed to your purpose and while we do good with you, we also support access and inclusion projects to support our local community. 

Why? Because we all deserve to live in a world that is inclusive and sustainable.

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Amanda Do is a seasoned global storytelling expert who has helped to launch purpose-led consumer start-ups and founders across North America and Asia Pacific. Choosing to harness her power of telling stories that matter to her, THE DO POV was founded on the inspiration to work with people helping to create a more inclusive and sustainable future.

The influencer and media landscape continues to evolve and can be challenging to navigate for startups and established companies. To do it in a meaningful way requires a seasoned and nimble expert that cares. Amanda has succeeded in launching brands and building meaningful communities with her unique point of view to amplify a brand's voice and the topics that impact their community. 

She is a trusted advisor that supports you on both: high-level strategy to the finer details needed for quality execution. Amanda’s aim is to educate and normalise conversations—with media, friends, and her network—on how wellness tech can change lives and raise awareness on the realities faced by those living with invisible illness, mental health, neurodivergency, and disability.

Together, we can create the change that we envision.